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Dear Visitors

Information on the Implementation of the Tax Free System in the Russian Federation

Dear guests of the Russian Federation,
Since April 2018, the value-added tax refund system (Tax Free System) has been launched in the Russian Federation.

To be eligible for a VAT refund, you must be a citizen of a foreign country outside of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU – the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation).

To receive a tax-free service, you should purchase goods for no less than 10,000 roubles (1000 DKK), tax included, from a single retailer during one day at retailer locations approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Certain retailers provide VAT refund services in the following cities:
1. Saransk (the Republic of Mordovia);
2. Kazan (the Republic of Tatarstan);
3. Sochi (Krasnodar Krai);
4. Volgograd (Volgograd Oblast);
5. Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad Oblast);
6. Krasnogorsk (Moscow Oblast);
7. Nizhny Novgorod (Nizhny Novgorod Oblast);
8. Rostov-on-Don (Rostov-on-Don Oblast);
9. Samara (Samara Oblast);
10. Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk Oblast);
11. Moscow;
12. Saint Petersburg.

VAT refund is not applicable to excise goods, including alcohol and tobacco.

To receive a refund, export your purchased goods through border crossings approved by the Government of the Russian Federation.

I. Road border crossings
1. Mamonovo-Grzechotki
II. Air border crossings
2. Vladivostok (Knevichy Airport)
3. Volgograd (Gumrak Airport)
4. Ekaterinburg (Koltsovo Airport)
5. Kazan
6. Kaliningrad (Khrabrovo Airport)
7. Moscow (Vnukovo Airport)
8. Moscow (Domodedovo Airport)
9. Moscow (Sheremetyevo Airport)
10. Nizhny Novgorod (Strigino Airport)
11. Rostov-on-Don (Platov Airport)
12. Samara (Kurumoch Airport)
13. Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo Airport)
14. Saransk
15. Sochi
III. Sea border crossings
16. Bolshoi Port, Saint Petersburg
17. Vladivostok
18. Passenger Port, Saint Petersburg

Individuals can claim a tax refund within a year after the purchase provided that the goods are exported within three months from the purchase date.

For more details, please contact Tax Free operators in Russia:
1. HI.SKY (;
2. Global Blue (;
3. Premier Tax Free (

The information on the migration legislation and foreign spectators
registration with the police in the period of the
2018 FIFA World Cup™ holding

In the period that starts ten days before the first 2018 FIFA World Cup™1match date and ends on the date of the last 2018 FWC match (from the 4th of June to the 15th of July, 2018) the foreign spectators and stateless persons, arriving to the Russian Federation as 2018 FWC spectators'", enter the Russian Federation, and in the period that starts ten days before the first 2018 FWC match date and ends ten days after the last 2018 FWC match date (from the 4th of June to the 25th of July, 2018) the foreign spectators exit the Russian Federation without the necessity of visa issue, with the identity documents, recognized the Russian Federation in such quality and FAN ID on paper form as well as FAN ID in electronic form .

FAN ID entitles a foreign spectator to enter the Russian Federation in visa-free order, stay in the Russian Federation and exit the Russian Federation during the specified period.

FAN ID is a personalized spectator card, which is a part of the football fans identification system and it is issued for the 2018 FWC spectators in order to provide comfortable and secure stay of the spectators at the 2018 FWC stadiums in the Russian Federation. Each spectator, who has purchased tickets for the 2018 FWC matches, shall obtain this card.

FAN ID is personalized card, which is issued free, once for each spectator and printed on laminated form.

A migration card is handed out for each spectator at the Russian Federation border and he or she shall retain it during the whole period of the stay in the Russian Federation.

In case of damage or loss of a migration card a foreign citizen shall apply to the migration division of the police at the place of stay2 for the migration card duplicate issue.

In the period of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ holding in Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kaliningrad, Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, Saint Petersburg, Saransk, Sochi in the period from the 25lh of May to the 25th of July 2018

a foreign spectator in each city, where he or she attends sports events, shall register with the police during one day after the arrival at the place of stay. If a foreign spectator plans to stay in the city of the sports events holding less than one day, it is allowed not to undergo the procedure of the registration with the police, despite the case of the stay at the providing hotel services organization.

The foreign citizens, taking part in the sports events, including the sports events participants, as well as the representatives of FIFA and FIFA subsidiaries, confederations and national football associations, included in the FIFA lists3, are not subjected of the migration registration.

The citizens of the Russian Federation as well as the foreign citizens and stateless persons permanently living on the Russian Federation territory (possessing the residence

1 Hereinafter - 2018 FWC

2 Hereinafter - migration control authority

3 Article 8 of the Federal Law

permit) can be a hosting party, as well as the legal persons, the subsidiaries or representative offices where foreign citizens stay (live).

In case a foreign citizen stays at the hotel, a hotel administration is a hosting party.

A foreign citizen in order to fill in a notification of arrival to the place of stay4 demonstrates to the hosting party an identity document and a migration card. In case a foreign spectator arrives to the new place of stay he or she shall demonstrate the detachable section of the previous notification of arrival to the place of stay in the Russian Federation.

The hosting party fill in the notification on arrival to the place of stay, which together with the all pages copies of the foreign spectator identity document as well as the copy of the migration card, the hosting party provides directly to the migration control authority, where the mark on the arrival put immediately after the submission, then the detachable part of the notification is returned to the hosting party.

Then the hosting party hands to the foreign spectator the detachable part of the notification of arrival to the place of stay, the possession of which confirms the registration with the police.

The registration with the police is free.

The migration authority can not deny the submission of the documents, necessary for the foreign spectator registration with the police, on the basis of the migration card absence in these documents.

The sending of a notification and necessary documents by post service or with Multifunctional center or Unified portal of the State Services or by electronic means included into the set of the electronic networks means in the period of the 2018 FWC holding is not allowed.

A foreign citizen has the right to register at the police individually in case he or she possesses documents confirming the reasonable excuses (for example, disease, physical inability and so on) that prevents the hoisting party to submit the application to the migration control authority personally.

A foreign citizen permanently residing in the Russian Federation (a foreign spectator that has a permanent resident card) has the right to register with the police personally at the place of stay in case of the hosting party written consent possession.

The foreign citizens, who have not registered with the police, are not subjected to the penalty for the migration rules breaking, despite the cases when the spectators bear responsibility for the registration with the police at the place of stay5.

Additionally we inform on the following.

The foreign citizens who in the period of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ holding plan to live and travel on the Russian Federation territory exclusively in the buses campers, private transport, little vessels and so on, are not subjected to the migration registration at the place of stay.

4 Hereinafter - "notice of arrival"

5 According to Article 24 of the Federal law dated the 18th of July 2006 No. 109-FZ "On the foreign citizens and stateless persons migration registration in the Russian Federation"

For the purpose of the foreign spectators registration with the police on time the submission of the notifications of arrival to the place of stay will be organized on the everyday basis including weekends and days off.

2 Hereinafter - "foreign spectators"

3 Hereinafter - Federal law dated the 7th of June 2013 No. 108-FZ "On the preparation and holding in the Russian Federation the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and introduction of the amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation". Hereinafter - "Federal law".


June 9, 2017

We are pleased to announce a simplification of the application process for a visa to Russian Federation. From June 9, 2017, applicants applying for a Russian visa are able to have their biometric data collected in Aarhus.

To learn more about the procedure, please visit travel agencies Alt Rejser website