Konsulatafdelingen af Den Russiske Føderations
Ambassade i Kongeriget Danmark
Adresse: Kristianiagade 3, 2100 København Ø
Tlf.: +45 35 38 23 70
Fax: +45 35 42 02 87
E-mail: embrusdenmark@kdmid.ru
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RusconsDk
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We recommend you to apply for a visa to Russia at the Russian Visa Center in the Kingdom of Denmark. The address of the Visa Center is: Cort Adelers Gade 12, Copenhagen 1053, Denmark. Web-site: http://www.ifs-denmark.com, tel.: +45 88 61 41 41, fax: +45 33 13 41 42.

The Russian Visa Center has been established to improve the quality of service to citizens of Denmark, citizens of other states and stateless persons wishing to obtain a visa to enter the Russian Federation, as well as to provide maximum comfort and to simplify the procedure of applying and obtaining a visa.

Visa centers are officially responsible for receiving, editing and transferring visas of private persons, organizations and companies (including tour operators) to diplomatic and consular representations of the Russian Federation, as well as for issuing visas and collecting consular fees. Employees of visa centers may advise applicants on filling in the visa application form, collecting the documents required for obtaining a Russian visa and on questions regarding the procedure, the terms for issuing a visa, etc.

The final decision on issuing a visa or refusing to issue a visa is the exclusive right of Russian diplomatic and consular representations.

Foreign citizens have the right to apply for a visa directly at the diplomatic or consular representations of the Russian Federation in case they are applying for a visa for themselves or for their close relatives. Furthermore, the Consular Section of the Embassy of Russia in Denmark processes applications for the Russian visa directly, without the services of the Visa Center, from the Danish Foreign Ministry, including employees of Danish diplomatic and consular representations in Russia, as well as from members of official delegations wishing to visit Russia at the invitation of Russian authorities.

All companies and institutions including tour operators and agencies, wishing to send in documents for issuing a visa for their employees and clients (regardless of the purpose of travelling to Russia) should contact only the Visa Center.

The Visa Center charges a fixed service fee of 210 DKK for its services. The service fee should not be confused with the consular fee which is transferred to the Russian diplomatic or consular representation. According to the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the European Union the fixed consular fee is 280 DKK.

If you have any complaints about the work of the Visa Center (low level of service, long queues, incorrect behavior of the personnel, etc.) or any suggestions about the improvement of its work, you can send them to the address of the Consular Section of the Embassy (Kristianiagade 3, 2100 Copenhagen) by post or by e-mail: embrusdenmark@kdmid.ru. All your requests will be carefully studied and answered in a detailed way.

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